Do you supply an extension lead?

We will supply an extension lead, however we recommended that the lights are placed near a socket to prevent wires running across the room.

What safety standard do the letter lights meet?

All of the lights are PAT tested to ensure that the electrics involved meet the required standards.

Am I able to use the lights outside?

Unfortunately our lights are for indoor use only.

What happens if the lights get damaged during the event?

We understand that accidents can happen. However, in the instance that a letter is demolished, dented or badly scratched we will ask for a contribution towards the repair costs, an itemised bill will be sent to you.

What if one or two of the light bulbs blow?

All of the bulbs that we use are LED low wattage (1W) and long lasting. Each letter will be checked during set up. We will provide additional bulbs in case of the unlikely event that a bulb blows.

How and when do I pay for hiring the letters?

To secure the date, we will ask for a deposit of £50. Details of how you can pay and when the remainder of the payment is due will be outlined in the invoice which will be emailed to you once you have decided to hire our letters.

How long do I get the lights/letters for?

The lights will be delivered to the venue on the day before your event or on the morning of your event. They will then be collected the day after your event.

Where is it best to position the lights?

We ask that (if possible) the lights are positioned against or close to a wall as this way they are less likely to get knocked over.